Ring mechanisms come in several formats and sizes, all with a different use and function:

  • Round ring (used in manuals)
  • Straight D ring (mounted on back cover, used in manuals)
  • Angle D ring (ring mounted on back cover, used in manuals)
  • Post Rings (used in catalogs)
  • Multi ring (used in menu covers)

Binder Inserts

Artwork Prep

The following is a guideline for art preparation:

  • One-color artwork for screen printing can be presented as computer output if it is at 600 dpi or higher, each additional color should be on a separate output sheet. Register marks are required, sizes for covers are provided in the insert chart. There are some ink limitations, light ink colors will not cover dark colors or dark vinyl's.

  • Screens and halftones need to be at 55-line screen with an angle off 7 degrees. Screen values should be no lower than 20% and no higher than 80%. Full-page graduated screens are not recommended.

  • Bleeds need to be 1/8 extension beyond trimmed edge.

  • Rivet heads are 5/16 in diameter. Position of exposed rivets need to be considered in preparation of art.

  • Screen printing film needs to be positive, each color separate, right reading emulsion side up.

Ink Swatches

Ink swatches and draw downs on specified materials are available upon request. Although screening inks do not match the Pantone system, close matching is possible. Please discuss this with your customer service representative for further information.


Samples of work, prototypes and mock-ups are available upon request. Prototypes that require extensive development will be assessed a fee. Samples are provided free.

Press Checks

Please discuss this with your customer service representative. Advance notice will be necessary to accommodate schedules.